Public Meeting – What is the future of Haggerston Pool


The VLC Centre is next door to HAGGERSTON POOL, Whiston Road, E2 8BN

Background and list of Bids
The council advertised Haggerston Pool for development in June, and has received 29 expressions of interest.  The building is essentially being sold, since the lease offered is for 250 years.

You can read a summary of the Expressions of Interest below – they range from flats, hotel to museum, art gallery – and a few have a swimming pool.

Purpose of the Meeting

We have arranged a public meeting with the council, where local residents can ask about the process, and let the council know the kind of development we would like to see in the building, and about the importance of the building as a local landmark, and part of Hackney’s heritage.

Chair and Speakers:
Chair: Mike Coysh, chair of the Haggerston Pool Campaign
Chris Pritchard, Assistant Director of Propoerty Services, Hackney Council
Jonathan McShane, Hackney Council Cabinet member for Health and Community Services
Haggerston Pool Campaign speakers

Details of Meeting
The meeting is at the VLC Centre, next door to Haggerston Pool on Thursday 8th October.  The meeting will start at 7pm, but the centre will be open from 6pm and there will be additional information, tea/coffee and chance to discuss informally, as well as additional information about the pool and the bids, including the Assessment of the Historic Sensitivity of the building below, produced by the council.

If you are able to help publicise the meeting on facebook or twitter, our contacts are on the Participate page, and below is a poster to download

Any quesitons or more info needed about the meeting please contact Liz Hughes or 0777 300 2646 or David Mitchell


Assessment of Significance.pdf
Haggerston Baths – Summary of Proposals.pdf
What is the future of Haggerston Pool poster.pdf