Questionnaire shows support for swimming pool

The full results of the recent questionnaire have been collated.  The questionnaire was set up jointly by the London Borough of Hackney and Save Haggerston Pool campaign to gauge public opinion on the future of Haggerston Baths .  The information is intended to be used by both bidders and Council decision makers, and has been sent to the 29 bidders by the council.

384 responses to the questionnaire were received and are included in this report.

The questionnaire shows great local support for a swimming pool as is shown in the responses to the first question.



Responses to later questions also showed a desire for the building to be publicly accessible, and support for community space in the restored building, as well as arts, cultural and educational uses.

People took time to write in the free form text sections of the questionnaire,  giving additional ideas and suggestions for the future of Haggerston Baths and reflections on the degree of change in the area, and the needs of the local community

Report on Haggerston Baths Questionnaire November 2015