TEN bids for Haggerston Baths, THREE include swimming pool

Hackney Council have let us know that they have received 10 formal, costed bids for Haggerston Pool. They say they have 3 proposals including a swimming pool; 2 in the pool hall, and 1 a swimming pool elsewhere in the building.   And that the bids are a mix of some purely residential and some with a mix of uses including employment, bar, restaurant, gallery and general community use.The council are shortlisting the bids based on

      • their regard to the heritage of the building
      • how much they meet planning rules
      • the finances of the plan
      • how they match the community consultation

The shortlist should be completed by mid January. We asked if they would then arrange for local people to meet the shortlisted bidders and give feedback and suggestions, as this was raised at the public meeting.   The response was not clear, so we are writing to the Mayor to request this.

Council officers also told us  that there is an update to the Local Government Act 1972 stating that councils cannot decide to accept a bid that is more that £2 million less than the highest offer without referring the process to the government.  This did not come up at the public meeting, and could obviously have an impact on the Council accepting a bid which offers a lot to the community but a relatively low price to the Council for the lease.