Letter to Mayor Jules Pipe to ask for public to meet bidders

Dear Jules

I am sure you are aware of the very well attended public meeting and consultation process regarding the future of Haggerston Pool.  We have had very positive meetings with David Mitchell and Chris Pritchard throughout the process, and we are aware that there are 10 shortlisted bidders, and that 3 include a swimming pool, 2 in the original pool hall.

I am sure you know that the overwhelming view of members of the public was that a public swimming pool should be incorporated into the future plans for the building, and you will not be surprised that we strongly concur with that!

It was suggested at the meeting by a member of the public at the meeting that a referendum could be held to determine the successful bidder, and whilst we fully understand that this would not be feasible from the legal point of view, we hope that at some point in the process more detailed outlines of the bids could be publicly exhibited, and the views of the public sought.  Perhaps at this point the legal and financial constraints within which the council are operating could also be presented in summary form.  If the 10 bids are to be further narrowed down, then the final contenders could then be asked to put something together for public perusal, and perhaps even present their plans to a public meeting.

If the community feel that they have had involvement in the process, I am sure this will help to ensure public support when the planning process goes ahead.

Yours sincerely

Mike Coysh

Haggerston Pool Campaign