What is the Haggerston Pool Campaign?

Take a look at “The Pool” page to find out about Haggerston Pool Campaign.

What’s happened so far?

Scroll through our detailed history of the Haggerston Pool on Facebook.

What’s new about the Pool Campaign?

Find all the latest news on the Haggerston Pool Campaign on “The Progress” page.

Why is it important to re-open the Pool?

Haggerston Pool will be a huge focal point for a diverse cross section of our local community. Meet the people of Haggerston Pool on “The People” Page.

What are the current plans for the building?

Haggerston Pool campaign has one simple plan; to get the pool re-opened. This means we’re open to collaborating with any party we believe has the community’s needs at it’s heart. Find current plans for Haggerston Pool on “The Plans” page.

What is the history of the building?

Opened in 1904 and designed by architect Alfred Cross, Haggerston Pool served the community for nearly a century before it was closed in the year 2000. The building then went on to develop to provide additional services for the community with the side extension for the laundry. The building is now the last remaining derelict pool in London and was named in the 2013 top ten most at risk buildings by the Victorian Society.

Who owns the building?

Hackney council currently owns the building and we are in constant communication with the council to try to move plans forward.

How can I get involved in the Pool Campaign?

We’re always looking for new people to get involved, no matter if you want to help finance the campaign, donate your time and skills, or just add your face to the ever growing crowd of campaign supporters. Join Haggerston Pool campaign.