Haggerston is an area full of life, full of people from every cultural background spanning every possible age group. For this reason Haggerston Pool means so many different things to so many different people. The film above introduces you to just a few of the local characters that make our mission to re-open our community’s pool so important.

At the 1904 opening MP Alfred Cremer said, “If I were able, I should like to put up in every home in Haggerson a few rules pointing out to the people, for their own personal comfort and health, the necessity of embracing the opportunity afforded them by the baths, and of coming to them at least once a week.” And the locals took both his speech and the pool to heart.

From local homemakers to Olympic swimmers and boat club members, the pool’s history is littered with interesting stories. With the local community as diverse and skilled as ever, the present and future tales look equally promising. Share your stories of how you used the pool in the past or how you’d use the pool now on our YouTube page.