Initial visualisations of concept proposals for the creative adaptation and restoration of the Baths

The plan is simple; we want to re-open the pool. We intend to do this in the most efficient way possible, and most importantly we want to do it in a way which allows the building to become self-sufficient. It’s really important to us that once we’ve succeeded in bringing this amazing pool back to life, it stays that way for many years to come. Read the latest news from Save Haggerston Pool.

Hackney Council previously invested in architectural and feasibility studies, which it was forced to shelve during the financial crisis. These plans offer us a very real opportunity to create a successful scheme for the ongoing future of the pool. Ultimately what we want is to have a functioning pool and we’re open to supporting or partnering any organisation whose plans meet the community’s needs.

Over the years we have asked the community to outline what they want from the re-invented Baths. This has allowed us to focus our plans on local needs in a way that we think will give the most successful outcome. Current ideas include the pool, a GP surgery, creche, dance studio, gym, cafe and a space for community groups.